Franz von Suppé: “Mozart” on Tour in Belgium

Operetta Research Center
9 November, 2022

Yes, there is a Belgian tour of Franz von Suppé’s Mozart. And, yes, that’s the same show that was recently recorded by Dario Salvi and released on CD by Naxos. The role of Mozart is played by Hadrien Baudot for some performances, and by soubrette Inge Smeers for others.

Hadrien Baudot in the title role in "Mozart". (Photo: Trivial Muffins)

Hadrien Baudot in the title role in “Mozart”. (Photo: Trivial Muffins)

The official press release states: “On the 11th of November, the historical play with music Mozart by the Trivial Muffins Theater Association will premiere in CC Zwaneberg in Heist-op-den-Berg. For their new performance about the musical child prodigy, Trivial Muffins collaborates with the ConForte Symphony Orchestra from Zemst.”

This orchestra will be conducted by Dario Salvi, the man from the CD version.


The CD version of Suppé’s “Mozart”. (Photo: Naxos)

In November and December 2022 their tour will take them to Bruges, Leuven, Wavre and Vilvoorde.

The press release continues: “Whoever says Mozart, naturally also says music in the same breath. This time Trivial Muffins doesn’t just present a straight play, they go back to the world of musical theatre. The piece will be accompanied by the ConForte Symphony Orchestra from Zemst.”

“The music is by Franz von Suppé, who based his work on themes by Mozart. In addition to Mozart’s life, his music is of course central to the performance. Spectators will certainly be able to recognize his most famous melodies in Suppé’s incidental music,” said Niels Janssens, Mozart‘s producer and co-director.


The double cast of “Mozart”. (Photo: Trivial Muffins)

Trivial Muffins have already performed on stages around Leuven and Brussels several times. For this historic occasion and for this collaboration with Mr. Salvi and a full symphonic orchestra, they decided to look for new places and bigger stages. They will bring their performances to Heist-op-den-Berg, Vilvoorde, Bruges and Wavre. The final dates will be in the Stadsschouwburg of their home base, Leuven.

Mozart will premiere on November 11 and will play at various locations until December 3. Learn more about dates and tickets here.

For more information on Franz von Suppé and the biography by Hans-Dieter Roser, click here.

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