Welt der Operette: Glamour, Stars und Showbusiness

Operetta Research Center
20 December, 2011

To coincide with the new exhibition at the Theater Museum Wien, the publishing house Brandstätter has released a dazzling new book called Welt der Operette: Glamour, Stars, Showbusiness. It contains various essays by different authors, among them Kurt Gänzl, Wolfgnag Jansen, Marie-Theres Arnbom, Stefan Frey and Kevin Clarke.

The cover of the Theatermuseum Wien catalogue-

The cover of the Theatermuseum Wien catalogue.

Topics that are dealt with are: The birth of operetta from the spirit of pornography, nazi operetta, film operetta, operetta in the DDR etc. Many rare photographs make the book a must have for all operetta cracks. And the texts certainly offer some new perspectives on the genre.