Essays On Kurt Weill’s Broadway Operetta

Operetta Research Center
3 June, 2014

Here it is, fresh off the press: A German language collection of texts dealing with Kurt Weill’s only “operetta”, The Firebrand of Florence.

The cover of the new book on "Firebrand of Florence".

The cover of the new book on “Firebrand of Florence”.

Edited and published by the Staatsoperette Dresden, the book entitled “…wie es uns gefällt.”: Kurt Weill: The Firebrand of Florence. Eine Werkmonografie in Texten und Dokumenten is small compared with other Weill books out there, but it is full of interesting essays, among them Joel Galand’s “Eine Operette für den Broadway” and Giselher Schubert’s “Der angepasste Komponist”. Also noteworthy: Walter Schmitz’s “Zu Misserfolg und Nicht-Rezeption von Kurt Weills Firebrand”.

There is also a selection of original reviews, including (positive) reviews of the recent Staatsoperette production. In short, a great addition to the operetta library!