Richard Tauber: An Evening for “The King of Berlin”

Operetta Research Center
28 August, 2014

The Stadtmuseum in Berlin has a special treat in store: on September 10, at 9 pm, they will present an evening devoted to Richard Tauber, “King of Berlin.”

Richard Tauber and composers Lehár and Kálmán.

Richard Tauber and composers Lehár and Kálmán.

It is an event for which Tauber’s biographer Evelyn Steinthaler will fly in from Vienna to narrate the stations of Tauber’s life and career, and discuss why so little about his horrible fate – escaping Nazi Germany and tragically dying in exile – is know today, while at the same time his voice is omnipresent on countless CDs and with one modern day opera tenor after the other issuing “tribute albums.”

For more details about the evening at the Stadtmuseum, click here.

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  1. William Holt

    I don’t think Tauber suffered a “horrible” fate. He was welcomed in Great Britain, where he had a very successful career. At the very end of his life, suffering from lung cancer, (he smoked) he was given the role of Don Otavio by the visiting Vienna Stats Opera, as a tribute to his importance to them and to Vienna. Yes, lung cancer is horrible but that would be the case even without the Nazi exile. Many other artists died horribly at the hands of the Nazis but Tauber was not one of them. All in all, he had a rather glorious career and was well appreciated, as he should have been. He has always been a favorite of mine. What a career! Thanks for the picture.

  2. Alex Simon Zulic

    I have always admired this great singer & others like him. Sad he died so young, but I’m glad he left us a great legacy. For some reason as l got older l began to be drawn to the music of such artists as this fine gentleman. I find his music soothing, relaxing & joyous. GB you Mr R.Tauber.