The Show Of The Moment: “Wiener Blut” In Leipzig

Operetta Research Center
3 October, 2015

It seems that Wiener Blut is quite the show-of-the-moment. The 1899 operetta is featured in the new publication of the German Johann Strauss Gesellschaft, there is a new supposedly critical edition, and now there is (another) new production at the Musikalische Komödie Leipzig.

Lilli Wünscher & Radoslaw Rydlewski in "Wiener Blut". (Photo: Kirsten Nijhof/Musikalische Komödie Leipzig)

Lilli Wünscher & Radoslaw Rydlewski in “Wiener Blut”. (Photo: Kirsten Nijhof/Musikalische Komödie Leipzig)

The Leipzig production premiere on October 17, it’s a staging by Volker Vogel, conducted by Stefan Klingele. Judging by the photos on the homepage of the company, the cast looks very attractive and full of mojo, which is essential of you want to believably deliver this oversexualized comedy by Victor Léon and Leo Stein. Among the stars are Radoslaw Rydlewski as Balduin Graf Zedlau, Lilli Wünscher as Gabriele, and Michael Raschle as Fürst Ypsheim-Gindelbach.

It seems Vogel has not opted for a gender-reading, has some recent predecessors. But a fresh look in a “tradition” format can certainly be worthwhile too.

For more information, performance dates and full cast, click here.